The organization aims to contribute to holistic development of India through its initiatives. Committed to find sustainable and pragmatic solutions to various development challenges, ICF works with partners across multiple sectors like- government, public and private institutions, national and international agencies- to design and conceptualize development initiatives, evangelizing and incubating them to lead up to the execution phase.
The organization encourages dialogue, understanding and cooperation among policymakers, opinion leaders, business leaders and prominent academicians across national and international platform. It brings together all critical components and acts as a catalyst to accelerate the implementation of appropriate initiatives towards addressing the identified development needs.


  • To evolve replicable and scalable models for sustainable development, particularly in areas like governance, infrastructure, technology, education and human capital as well as create an environment that facilitates open interaction, exchange and cooperation

  • To foster partnerships with major global economies that can mutually further India‚Äôs national interests and consequently nurture these to be long-term symbiotic relationships.

  • To conduct research and generate information on the socio-economic field in India and partner nations to recognize and utilize opportunities for mutual benefit.

  • To promote awareness through multi-level, cross-sectoral interaction.

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